Can LIMRN Networking In
Garden City NY Work For You?

Your best business referrals are word-of-mouth referrals backed by confidence in a person who speaks highly of your company… and told them to call you.

Isn’t it true? Genuine word-of-mouth referrals are of much higher value to your bottom line than cold “leads”? Professionals and consumers are leery of untried, unproven service providers, but they value good recommendations.

As a group, we provide our members with warm, qualified referrals to increase your business reach to new customers & clients for your business with a high level of trust & success. Effective networking is dependent on the quality of the relationships that are developed within any given group, therefore it should go without saying that embracing quality also means building deep relationships among all referral partners in order to generate more referrals.

Our Features

  • Substantially increase your business referrals & sales.
  • Provide tools & education weekly to enable you to network more effectively.
  • Participate in up to 50 Long Island networking meetings per year.
  • Web exposure for you via our website, our events and personal referrals.
  • Weekly education on networking, public speaking & business.

Our Networking Partners

Our Meeting Place

Seasons 52 Restaurant
630 Old Country Road
Location L 102
Garden City, NY 11530

Roosevelt Field mall parking lot

Tuesday Weekly Lunch Meeting
Time: 11:30 AM – 1pm

General Questions?